The TRDATA Platform is Now on Mobile!

In the mobile version of TRDATA, you are always connected to the market and can watch for changes in prices from any device. Here are just a few of the features of the platform that you can access from your phone.


English Version Mobile

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ENERGY CONGRESS: Energy Spring 2016

May 26, 2016 

Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv 

Initiated by Nobles Fortune


The most relevant and influential event devoted to the trends of Ukrainian market of traditional and renewable energy as well as energy efficiency.

It is the leading platform for dialogue between government and business, uniting professionals from Ukraine and abroad.

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TRDATA Just Got a Sleek New Design!

We are pleased to announce the release of an update to the TRDATA platform, now with completely new panel and menu designs! Here at TRDATA, we are always striving to optimize the user experience and the platform’s functionality.

top_en (1)

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New TRDATA Widgets: Eurobond and Local Market Maps

We are proud to announce the release of two new widgets on the platform: the Eurobonds Market Map and the Local Russian Market Map. These two widgets allow you to view all real-time bonds on TRDATA in one convenient graph of yield over time.

Local Market Map

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High-Profile Vacancies from FinExecutive now on TRDATA


We are happy to announce that users can now view high-profile finance, investment, and advisory jobs from FinExecutive on the TRDATA platform.

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FINAM News and Analytics Now Available on TRDATA

We are happy to announce that users now have access to FINAM news and analytics directly on the TRDATA platform.

FINAM is the largest brokerage firm in Russia and offers its corporate and private clients a wide range of investment services.

Besides data and analytics from FINAM, the TRDATA platform aggregates news and analytics from over 200 regional and international banks and 300 news organizations, and we are working hard to add more data providers every day. View them all on

CEO Interview: How TRDATA is Adapting its Business Strategy to Today’s Market

Our CEO Anton Pasechnikov visited TRDATA’s Moscow office a couple weeks ago. I had the chance to ask him a few questions during a short interview. We discussed the banking situation in Russia and the world, as well as how TRDATA is adapting its business strategy to meet the demands of today’s financial market. Read on below.


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UCRA FIS INDEX for April fell to 79.2 points

UCRA FIS INDEX (Foreign Investor Sentiment Index) for Ukraine continued to decline after a sharp drop in the previous month and reached a record low for the last 12 months with the value of 79.2 points. Continued fall of the index reflects investor pessimism regarding the possibility of a quick and effective resolution of the government crisis.

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Five Ways to Streamline Your Trading Using TRDATA’s Bond Calculator

Did you know TRDATA has a Bond Calculator that lets you view and calculate important bond information? Here are five useful functions to make your trading more efficient. 

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CEO Friday Networking Event Photos

Thanks to everyone who came to our informal networking event last week! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Here are the photos from the CEO Friday event. Stay connected with us on our blog and Facebook page to be the first to know about future events.

CEO-Friday Networking Event at TRDATA

TRDATA would like to invite our friends and partners to CEO-Friday on March 25th for an informal event where you can network with business partners, customers, friends and other interesting people. Attendees will include top and middle managers, directors, and other company representatives from various industries.

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New Users and Companies Menu on TRDATA

Our team at TRDATA is always striving to improve our platform design and optimize the user experience. Today, we are happy to announce the release of an update to our Users and Companies menu. You can access the menu by clicking on your username at the top right corner of the platform.

English User Search

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UCRA FIS INDEX for March plummeted to 84.9

UCRA FIS INDEX (Foreign Investor Sentiment Index) for Ukraine fell sharply over the past month (by 18.8 points) and dropped into the negative zone, stopping at 84.9 points. Read more

Bets on Financial Events in TRDATA – Now in New Design

TRDATA instrument – Financial Tote with bets for major economic indicators, has now new beautiful design.

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Intellinews now available in TRDATA

TRDATA users can now enjoy Intellinews newsfeed directly from out platform.


bne IntelliNews is one of the leading business news publishers on emerging markets with coverage of Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

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We kindly invite you to take part at the most relevant and influential event for the Ukrainian market of traditional, renewable energy and energy efficiency which will be held 26th of May in Kiev.

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UCRA FIS INDEX for February is at 103.7 (down from 104.9)

UCRA FIS INDEX (Foreign Investor Sentiment Index) for Ukraine fell by 1.2 points in the past month but remained in the positive zone with a value of 103.7 points. A significant contribution to the mood of investors has been brought by uncertainty about the timing and conditions for the allocation of the third tranche of the IMF loan to Ukraine (postponed since 2015) and by the increased local currency devaluation risks.

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New user profiles in TRDATA

We try to make communication between TRDATA users as efficient as possible and that’s why we are happy to introduce the new user profiles.

Now you can enjoy the new profile interface, as well as the ability to add your social account information and check Facebook and Twitter accounts of other members.

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New global bonds in TRDATA

Over the past few months, we’ve been working on adding new global instruments to TRDATA platform. Today, we’re excited to start translating data for bonds on global markets.

Now you can check real-time prices on bonds from Europe, Africa, Middle East and Kazakhstan provided directly by international banks.

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Meet TRDATA Features For Winning Every Trade

TRDATA is a platform where you can get information about various sets of financial instruments. If you’re not familiar with it yet, below is an overview of some features of the platform, which traders find extremely useful for performing the best trades at the best prices every day.

So let’s look deeper at what’s inside the platform..

1. Read all news on financial instruments in one place

TRDATA RSS Newsfeed allows to read Emerging market news from most trustable local and global sources, including information from Exchanges

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Analytics: Bonds. Liquidity down slightly

Bonds: Liquidity down slightly

Liquidity declined for the second consecutive day, albeit very little, yesterday. Broader banking sector liquidity fell UAH0.50bn to UAH71.03bn as banks’ correspondent accounts with the NBU increased UAH0.67bn to UAH21.64bn. Total CDs outstanding slid UAH0.09bn to UAH44.11bn and total local currency debt repayments were down UAH1.07bn to UAH5.28bn.

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Fitch‟s Russian rating revision and expectations of the Greek referendum‟s results will drive today‟s market mood. We await flat trading with low volatility.


We agree with Mr. Siluanov and also do not expect Fitch to downgrade Russia’s rating on Friday. This rating affirmation at the investment grade level may support Russian sovereign bond prices.

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TRDATA in figures, 2014

287 news feeds

233 000 000 news (+117% YOY)

148 market participants are writing news for us (+164% YOY)

15 300 customer’s news (+179% YOY)

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TRDATA has a new face

 Enjoy our improved elegant design for super-efficient management of market data.


It was remarkable year for TRDATA – we are growing fast, getting bigger. We covered every corner of  local market in Ukraine. Here are the numbers.


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Analytics: Week of borrowings and substitution

Ukrainian bond markets reacted to news of the government’s new loan which was approved a week before but announced last week. Because of this loan as well as of last week’s monthly tax payments, the MoF did not refinance all debt repayments, but instead raised less than half of its needs.

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New feature every month

Every month we have new feature in TRDATA and August is not an exception.

In August we added:

Bonds screen: bonds prices can be updated directly from an order – book in few steps – in Bonds screen click on a bond’s name, from drop-down menu choose “Set Price”, enter the price and click “Set price”

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TRDATA Now Provides Bitcoin Quotes On a Platform

The number of instruments on our platform is growing and now you can check Bitcoin prices right from TRDATA Platform.

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