New TRDATA Widgets: Eurobond and Local Market Maps

New TRDATA Widgets: Eurobond and Local Market Maps

We are proud to announce the release of two new widgets on the platform: the Eurobonds Market Map and the Local Russian Market Map. These two widgets allow you to view all real-time bonds on TRDATA in one convenient graph of yield over time.

Local Market Map

Useful Features

  1. Two yield curves indicating today’s and yesterday’s yield provide the average yield over time.
  2. If you hover over a specific bond, a box with the yield and duration of the bond will appear.
  3. To zoom in, click and drag your mouse to highlight the desired area.
  4. Click on the menu icon in the top left corner if you want to save and export the graphs.

You can find the widgets by selecting Markets – Russia in the top panel.


Reasoning behind development

TRDATA’s CEO Anton Pasechnikov, who was directly involved in the development of these widgets, explains, “The maps are essential instruments that all FX traders use. Excel is not always on the screen and may not work as seamlessly as TRDATA’s Local Markets and Eurobond Maps. It’s important to have an instrument that can collect and aggregate prices from other market players. The trader can then focus on what he or she is supposed to do: making decisions on the basis of complete information.”

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