TRDATA TECHNOLOGY Limited (registered in UK (reg. number 12268790), First Floor, Templeback 10 Temple Back, Bristol BS1 6FL) shall provide, and the Client shall use of, the Services on the terms and conditions hereof. TRDATA TECHNOLOGY hereby grants a limited, non-exclusive and non-assignable license to the Client and the Users for the duration hereof for the use of the Information and the Software in strict compliance with the terms and conditions hereof. The Client shall have no right to sublicense any rights granted hereunder. All rights to the Information shall belong to the Information Providers and, in certain cases, to TRDATA TECHNOLOGY. Neither the Client, nor the Users may transmit, copy (including by randomizing, framing or by other similar means) and use the Information for commercial purposes. TRDATA TECHNOLOGY shall not be liable for the Client’s failure to comply with the foregoing requirements. The Client hereby grants TRDATA TECHNOLOGY an unlimited non-exclusive license (without any limitation of the licensed area) for the use and reproduction of the Content. TRData reserves the right to remove any Content at its sole discretion.

The Client shall be liable for ensuring the availability of all the rights to the Content, including those required for granting licenses for the Content as provided hereby. The Client shall be fully responsible for the Content and shall ensure its reliability and compliance with all the requirements of applicable laws. If the Client is in material breach of

the Agreement and if the provision of the Service, in full or in part, appears to be illegal or contrary to the rules, guidelines, requirements, other regulatory and non-regulatory documents of any exchange or regulatory authorities, TRDATA TECHNOLOGY may suspend the Services, in full or in part, from that moment until such breach is removed, with no penalties imposed thereon.Information means information in any form whatsoever (including textual, graphic, animated and static images, phonograms), which is part of the Services.

Information Provider means a TRDATA TECHNOLOGY’s client, other third parties whose Information is contained in the Services.

Service(s) means any services provided by TRDATA TECHNOLOGY hereunder, including (i) the provision of Information received by TRDATA TECHNOLOGY from Information Providers and from other sources as well as Software and Support; (ii) instant messaging service, e-mail, chat, and other similar services; all of the Services shall be provided in accordance with the terms and conditions here of and supplementary agreements hereto.

Users – means all of the end users of the Platform, including the Client and persons whom the Client allowed access to the Platform.