TRDATA and Credit Rating announce partnership

TRDATA and Credit Rating announce partnership

July 9, 2013 the independent rating agency Credit-Rating and TRData announce partnership.

Hereinafter, the most interesting and relevant information from Ukrainian rating services market leader will be published in TRData in real-time. 

Founded in 2001 Credit-Rating is the first rating agency in Ukraine committed to assessment of issuer’s solvency and to assignment of credit ratings pursuant to the National rating scale.

More than 1000 Ukrainian companies from various industries: banks, insurance companies, local authorities, etc. are customers and partners of Credit Rating. In addition to news about assignments and confirmations of credit ratings, as well as reliability ratings of deposits of banks and insurance companies, TRData users will get access to regular forecasts and analysis of situation in Ukrainian economy in general and its individual sectors, as well as to expert opinions and comments of agency’s analysts, to announcement of new products and company services.

“Information about all ratings assigned by our agency has been published in informational systems REUTERS and BLOOMBERG for a long time already, – Andriy Shevchenko, CEO “Credit-Rating» commented on the event – but those systems are not fully adapted to the needs of Russian-speaking users from CIS countries. With TRData this problem does not exist anymore. We are happy to start the partnership with TRData, which, as we hope, will be productive and rewarding. We are proud of the fact that the system is Ukrainian product and we wish TRData developers further development and improvement.

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