Russian Key Rate Forecast Winners for 18.03.16

Russian Key Rate Forecast Winners for 18.03.16

On Friday, March 18, Russia’s central bank released its key rate, keeping it at 11.00% p.a. This move was widely expected by analysts. In their press release, the Bank of Russia cited high inflation risks, unsustainable oil prices, and uncertainties surrounding the budget as considerations in their key rate decision.

Fifty-two users took part in TRDATA’s Forecast. Of these users, 33% placed predictions on a key rate below 11%, while 15% of users predicted a higher rate. The first user to correctly predict the key rate was Yulia Zaiceva (NZBank). An additional 24 users also provided correct predictions:

Sergey Kotov (Moscow Petrochemical Bank)

Nikolay Maksimov (NovoBank)

Sergey Ezhov (OEMK-Invest)

Ashley Blake (Solo trader)

Konstantin Abravitov (Promsvyazbank)

Stepan Nikolaev (Russobank)

Oleg Vyazovetskov (Veles Capital)

Evgeniy Kulagin (LOCKO-Bank)

Alexander Bely (Aksioma Investment Company)

Yuriy Netesanyy (ATLANT-FINANCE)

Eugeniy Patkin (Solo trader)

Alexey Ochkin (Sviaz Bank)

Andrey Lubimov (International Bank of Development)

Aleksey Ivanov (Solo trader)

Olga Borodkina (Solo trader)

Ekaterina Kolesnikova (Vitabank)

Sergey Kirsenev (Guta-Bank)

Eduard Duduk (Solo trader)

Alexander Prnsky (Solo trader)

Evgeny Chushnikov (Transstroybank)

Baart Alzheev (Solo trader)

Mikhail Kapitonov (Nordea)

Vladislav Usatenko (Solo trader)

Sergey Miroshnikov (Lanta Bank)

Bank of Russia’s next board meeting will be held on April 29th, so make sure to place your key rate predictions on our platform before then. Congratulations to all who placed the correct predictions and thanks for participating on our platform!

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